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Now is the time to take flight! 

Brave Wings Healing Center

Brave Wings Healing Center is a heart-led center for energy healing, yoga and meditation, rituals and sacred circles, and herbal and flower remedies.


With brave wings she flies… and with that phrase and a few synchronicities came the birth of Brave Wings Healing Center. It’s about claiming, co-creating, and manifesting with the Universe to take flight and offer healing modalities to those who resonate with them.

These offerings include energy healing to restore your life force energy and bring about transformation, relaxation and guide you on your awakening, yoga and rituals to help you destress and promote peacefulness and calmness – not to mention to nourish your soul and guide you on your path.

And finally, herbal and flower remedies to promote health, wellness and restoration through natural elements. These remedies are soul-filling and life giving!

The sessions and offerings help guide you back to who you truly are and remind you that you have everything inside you to live a life of joy, peace, love and happiness.


Blue Wave Energy Alignment

Energy Healing

Experience a deeper level of healing with Blue Wave Energy Alignment - a unique form of energy healing that raises your vibration, clears blockages and balances your energy field.

Life Wave Meditation + Yoga Nidra


Yoga and meditation create space for you to discover your true self, your intuition, and replenish your mind, body and spirit. My sessions are filled with movement and rituals.

Green Wave Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies

Harness the healing powers of herbs and flower through tinctures, teas, oils, essences, and creams to restore your well-being. The plant world is truly magical and has so much to offer.

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